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acrylic, caron, red heart, yarn, fiber

The Yarn Project of Michael Leach

Posted on 2012.06.09 at 22:01

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acrylic, caron, red heart, yarn, fiber

My new blog

Posted on 2011.08.16 at 14:08
I have decided to start a new blog, on livejournal. In it, I will still talk about yarn, my recovery, and my school life. I hope you all will choose to follow me.
Here is the new address. I hope to see you all there.


acrylic, caron, red heart, yarn, fiber

A Sad Sacrifice...How I Can't Stop Crying

Posted on 2011.08.15 at 10:21
It is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich. Henry Ward Beecher

In the later part of last week, I wrote my last entry, before dealing with family issues. I have received each note sent my way, and I thank you all so very much, for your total support. On one hand, it was completely heartwarming, to know that you all cared so much. It brought a smile to my face (when I really needed to smile), just knowing that when I came back, you would all be here. Here, and waiting for me.
On the other hand, however, I am devastated. All of the kindness sent my way, is making this even harder. I sit at the computer this morning, claiming time for myself. The household is chaotic. My brother and nephew are here, and talk of finances is on the early morning agenda. My sweetie went to the Moose...yet again.
Since my last entry, I have had a lot to think about.
My aunt Dee moved out. On one hand, I am completely thrilled over this. I got the feeling that she did not like me all that much. But, she came, weeks ago, offering to help out financially. And, it would have been quite a significant help. With the rent she would have paid, things would have been able to run smoothly. So, I was willing to look the other way. I mean, I can't even go get a job right now. I feel like such a loser. The only money I am able to give, is from my disability. I have not yet been released, to go back to work. And, I think it will still be a while, before I am. I know I shouldn't feel bad. I mean, I have waited a lifetime, for the opportunity I now have. My whole family knew, as I went in for my first surgery, that the recovery time would be rather long. So, not being able to work, and give much, I was willing to keep my mouth closed. My mother needs all the help she can get.
Enter, my sweetie.
I am, in all honesty, very angry over what happened.  Words were spoken to my aunt. My sweetie decided to take charge, as is often the case. And, without first discussing any of it with us, a conversation occurred, with aunt Dee. A conversation that upset her so bad, she moved out immediately. Now, we are right back to where we started. My mother spends her days worrying about how she is going to keep this house, which she loves so much. My sweetie is going to the Moose on a daily basis. The Moose takes top priority. As I have said, my brother spent the weekend. And, my sweetie has been gone, the whole weekend. Each day, from morning to night, the Moose takes center stage.
And, with all the time spent at the Moose, there is no time to go look for employment.
As for me...
I wish I didn't have to do this. I wish I could see some other way. Even as I am writing this entry, however, I see no other alternative. My mother just came to me, minutes ago, and expressed her deep concern over losing it all.
The quote that starts this post, is a quote about sacrifice.
And, we all know sacrifice isn't easy. It is never simple to give something up. The easier thing, would be to keep what you want. 
The Yarn Project, I am afraid, is going to end early.
Wow. I am bawling at this point. I never thought I would have such a hard time, saying goodbye to this Project.
And, I feel like a loser, in every way possible. I feel like I have let you all down, in such a horrible way. And, I am sorry. I am TERRIBLY sorry. You have spent your time, reading me, and cheering me on. I am so sorry, that I have disappointed you. And, I cannot help but feel like the flake, once again.
Even though I know I have no choice.
Just a few short weeks ago, I felt like the king of the world. I really thought I was going to be able, to see this thing to the end.
I am not giving up. I refuse to think of this, as giving up. I am making a sacrifice.
I will still work with yarn. And, I will still blog about it, in case any of you, care to still read me. 
But, there will be a change.
Soon to come, I will re-open my Etsy shop. I will begin to crochet afghans, hats, toys, etc. And, I will hope to sell them. I know it will not bring a fortune. But, hopefully I can manage to make some money, to help pay the bills. Hopefully, I can use my crocheting abilities, to help out, in this household.
The one reason, I am doing this.
My mother asked me to.
"Can you start selling your stuff online?"
How can I say no?
I am sorry. I really am. I feel devastated. I really don't want this Project to end. But, my skills are needed, in an effort to bring in money. My skills are needed to help my family, rather than just myself.
An Etsy shop will be up soon.
As for The Yarn Project...
I will always remember what it has taught me.


acrylic, caron, red heart, yarn, fiber

A Brief Farewell

Posted on 2011.08.11 at 12:25
I will be back next Monday, with a post of all that I do, between now and then. But, for right now, I have to take a few days off.
There are problems in the house, which I will not discuss right now. I hope they get resolved soon, and that things can go back to normal. At this current time, my time is needed, by my family. I will continue to work with my yarn, but I will be away from my blog, for a few days.

Thank you for understanding.
I will be back next week.

Another morning, where I got to sleep in. Oh, thank God. For whatever reason, my little (normally) hyperactive dog decided to allow me the chance, to continue sleeping, until 7:53am. I was actually shocked when I woke up, and looked at the clock, beside the bed. Oh, and WHAT A GREAT sleep I had. I woke up totally relaxed, and ready to start my day.
I got myself a cup of coffee, and sat down in the blue recliner. The fog was thick outside the window. It was the PERFECT morning to work on an afghan. And, that is what I did.
So...You all know by now, that I am working the Winter Jewels Afghan, for my sweetie. And, I have FINALLY found the perfect pattern, for my mother: the Serape Afghan. Both of these are currently in the works.
I am not sure if I have told you this yet. (With all the extra things that I am forced to remember now, such as school work, it is way too hard to keep track of things, that I may have already mentioned.) As soon as we found out that my aunt was, in fact, here to stay, I started working an afghan for her, as well. Even though I was not particularly thrilled over the news, I still figured that it would be very WRONG to give an afghan to the other two inhabitants of this house, come Christmas, and not have one to give her. I am just not that mean. Anyway...Since she has first moved in, I have started to accept it, and things are getting back to normal (whatever that means).
For my aunt, I am working a relatively basic afghan. It really isn't anything all that difficult...In fact, it is a very 'beginner' pattern. Still though, I personally think it is awesome. And, I hope she will like it. It is this rectangular granny square afghan. It is just one big rectangle, worked until it is big enough to suit your need. And, we all know that I have this fascination, with granny squares.
I began this afghan, that very first night she moved in. I just grabbed some yarn from my stash, and got crackin' at it. I had no idea what color tones she liked. So, I grabbed a yarn that incorporates EVERY color. It was time to pull out the Mexicana yarn. My initial idea, upon starting this afghan, was to work the center, in Mexicana. From there, I would use different yarns, from my stash, such as purples, blues, reds, yellows...Well, you get the idea.
That idea did not last long. Now, I have decided to work the entire afghan, in Mexicana yarn, with just the last round, worked in one bright solid.
Anyway, this was the project that I started my morning with. I got one round worked, before getting my second cup of coffee, and heading to the computer.
(Before we go any further here...As soon as I got to the computer, and started typing this out, my sweetie wakes up, and bee-lines to the office. And, it is time to OFFICIALLY start demanding the computer. Well, you know what, I am sorry. But, this really is one of those "I was here first" moments. I AM going to write my post. Then I am going to do my schoolwork. Then, when I am done...Well, my sweetie can visit Farmville.)
So, yesterday...
Well, as you all know, by yesterday's post, I started my third class as an Ashford student. I am so totally thrilled over this. Anyway, after doing the first discussion for my class, it was time for me to go get ready, for physical therapy.
My appointment went smoothly. I am happy to report that, unlike my last appointment, I did not fall once. YAY! Happy news there, right? The ball throwing was particularly hard yesterday, as I was asked to throw the ball, while standing in a few new positions. But, being able to successfully do this, without falling, made me feel pretty damned good about myself.
After my appointment was over, my mother took my by Target. Yesterday, while reading chapter one, of my text, I read about some of the benefits of keeping a journal. Now, I keep this blog, and that is great. But, in my opinion, a journal is entirely different. A journal is private thing. And, I decided that I wanted to keep one. So, I found myself a nifty little journal, and yesterday, I wrote my first post. I have decided to make it a sort of affirmation journal. Yesterday, while online, I printed out 16 affirmations, to start off with. I will work with each affirmation, for one week. We shall see how it goes.
Moving on...
Yesterday, after getting home, I was quite exhausted. So, it was nap time. When I woke up, tendonitis has taken complete control, of both of my hands. (I blame this entirely on catching a 15 pound medicine ball, over and over again.) Needless to say, it was another day, where I had to avoid yarn. And, I was NOT happy about it, at all. For the rest of the evening, I threw hissy fit, after hissy fit. "WHY THE HELL CAN'T I MANAGE TO WORK ON THAT DAMNED BLISS BABY BLANKET!!!
I kept hoping the pain would go away. It didn't. It was so bad, that I actually had to take pain pills, before going to bed.
Well, after finishing this post, I am going to do some more schoolwork (even though I am sure my sweetie will be standing behind me, huffing and puffing away.) Then, I will have myself the breakfast of champions: Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Yep!  Can we say YUMMMM! And then, I will start to play yarn catch up.
Oh God...I have a lot to do, today.
First, there is the Bliss Baby Blanket. This will the project that I work with, after breakfast, and will probably be the project that I work with, this evening. At this point, I am TERRIFIED, that I may not make my deadline. I have come too far, in this Project, to not make it. And yet, with 4 projects left, I am feeling the burn, in a MASSIVE way.
Then, to add even more of a challenge, I have afghans, that I have to have finished by Christmas. Oh! I really must be a complete masochist. Really. I mean, I have to enjoy the pain, of having so much to do. Because I always seem to want to add more, to my already SUPER BUSY schedule.
At some point today, I need to work on the Serape Afghan. This is not up for debate. If I keep putting this off, then it will not be done by Christmas.
Also, I need to try to get a few rows done on the Winter Jewels Afghan as well.
Then, at some point during the day, I need to do some reading from my text book.
Just thinking about all that I have to do today, is giving me a MASSIVE headache.
Well, that is it, then. I guess I should get going. Lord knows I have BUSY day ahead of me. I will be online later this afternoon, to read all the blogs, of my friends. (Sorry...I know I have been a bad blog buddy recently. Don't hate me.)
Until tomorrow, I wish you all...
Happy looming, and crocheting.

acrylic, caron, red heart, yarn, fiber

A New Course

Posted on 2011.08.09 at 10:01
Yesterday, I had every intention of writing a post. I woke up, had my typical two cups of coffee, while working a row on the Winter Jewels Afghan, and I thought, as I crocheted the row of 3dc clusters, that I would hop online, after finishing my second cup of coffee, do my last assignment, for my second course, and pop on over to my blog, where I would write a wonderful post, and all would be good with the world.
After all, the assignment I still had to do was no big deal. I just had to revise a report, that I have been working on, through the entirety of the course. I could do that, in a matter of minutes.
Or, so I thought.
Sure, I could have done it, rather quickly. And, I am sure that, even if I did rush through it, I would have gotten a good grade. After all, we were just told to 'polish up' the rough draft, which we did a few weeks ago. I could have taken the easy way out. But, why? Yes, it would have been easier, and less time consuming. But, in the end, I would have had no respect, for the work that I had sent in.
So, I printed out the rough draft, from a few weeks ago. I read through it, changing around words, and dropping some sentences, while adding more, in certain areas. I used more examples from the text.
The assignment wound up taking THREE FRIGGIN HOURS, to finish! By the time I had submitted this work, to my instructor, I was DONE! There was just NO way that I could have sat in front of this computer, a single second longer.  My eyes were hurting, from staring at the glowing monitor, for so long a time. My fingers were numb, from all of the tap-tap-tapping, on the keyboard.
There was NO way, I was blogging yesterday. I am sorry...But yesterday, school totally took it out of me.
I turned off the computer, feeling exhausted, yet accomplished. And, I went to take a nap.
I woke up, and decided that I needed to have an EASY day. I did not need to do ANYTHING ELSE, that was going to be stressful, in any way, shape, or form. So, the yarn got a break, yesterday.
This past Sunday, my sister got the birthday blanket. And...SHE TOTALLY LOVED IT! Seeing the smile that it brought, made all the work so worth while. It is always so awesome, when some appreciates what you have done.
We got to her house, at just past 10am. And, we left, just past 9pm. It was a great day!
I got to sleep in, a little bit. It was 7:23 when I woke up. For whatever reason, my dog decided to be cool, and let me get a whole extra hour, of shut eye.
I got up, and did the typical morning thing. Coffee, which was totally awesome today, as I added hot chocolate powder to it. YUM! And, I got to do a little bit of work, on the Bliss Baby Blanket, before tendonitis started to make itself known. (It always seems to pester me in the morning.) Rather then push myself, and keep going, I decided to put the blanket down, for the time being. If I kept going (which I REALLY wanted to), the tendonitis pains would have grown worse. And, they would have lasted, for the better part of today.
I finished my coffee, then came to the computer.
Before coming to my blog, I went to my student portal, and signed in.
Today, I have started class three, in my education. I am now in English 121. It is nice to be past the introductory courses, and in what I consider to be a 'real' class. My past two courses, were basically starter courses. The first one aimed to prepare students, for online learning. And, it seems that the main objective of the second course, was to teach us about academic integrity. Don't get me wrong...Both of these are great things to learn. But, man...I was SO ready, to get to a REAL class, where I could start to feel like I am actually working toward my degree.
I have already taken care of one of the discussions, for this week. The introduction was due today. No biggie. Then, I had to respond to three other posts, by next Tuesday. Well, I did all of this today. Then, I went to read the text book (we have two chapters to read, this week), and I found that I cannot access it, for the next few hours. JOY! There is nothing like being kept, from doing schoolwork!
At noon today, I have physical therapy. I can only hope that I don't fall again. Let's do without that humiliation today, shall we.
When I get home, I will work on the Bliss Baby Blanket.
And hopefully tonight, I can access my text.
And that is it...
Until tomorrow.
Happy looming, and crocheting.

acrylic, caron, red heart, yarn, fiber

Brief Entry, Before The Birthday Bash

Posted on 2011.08.07 at 09:01
I don't have time, to write much  more than a few sentences. But, better a few sentences, than nothing at all...right?
In fifteen minutes, we are leaving the house, and heading to Huntington Beach. Time for my sister's birthday bash.
I am so excited, about giving her to blanket. I can hardly wait!
So, there you have it. I have to go. But, I just wanted to let you all know that I will be back tomorrow, with a full out post.
Until then,
Happy looming, and crocheting.

acrylic, caron, red heart, yarn, fiber

The Busy Weekend

Posted on 2011.08.06 at 09:19
4 days ago...
My sweetie informed me that on Saturday (today), we are going to a 'friends' birthday party. It is funny....These so called friends have little to do with us. But, let something like a birthday pop up, where gifts can be expected, and we are invited, and told we are 'missed so much. Oh, how we need to hang out more often.' Give me a break! Funnier still, they do not even so much as CALL, on our birthdays, just to say "Hey! Have a good one." My sweetie continues to refer to these people, as 'friends', and is always thrilled, by such invitations. I, however, have another title for these people.  They are what I like to call Rent-A-Friends. Their motto: For a small fee, or the giving of a gift, I will be your best friend...UNTIL YOU LEAVE MY SIGHT!
Hmmm. I guess money can buy you just about everything.
Needless to say, I am not particularly thrilled, over the idea of going to this party. I would rather stay home, isolated in my own little comfortable space, and work on the Bliss Baby Blanket.
Last night, I was given a small amount of hope. "I really want to go to the party tomorrow..." My sweetie said this, after dinner. It was one of those 'but' type of sentences. And, even though the 'but' was never actually spoken, it gave me hope. Maybe, just maybe, we will not have to go.
It isn't that I'm antisocial. And, it isn't that I don't realize the importance of friendship. But, in my opinion, these people are NOT friends. A friend would contact you, more often.
I haven't expressed these views, with my sweetie. Heaven knows where that would lead me. I would be marked as an "ass", and blah, blah, blah. So, I stay silent. And, if I do wind up going today, I will put on the happy face, even as I know that I am going, only because my gift is desired.
To me, this whole invitation, to a fabulous birthday party, is downright INSULTING!
From one birthday, to the other.
My sister.
We will be going to see her tomorrow. We will leave the house early in the morning, and not come home, until night. And, I cannot wait. I always love hanging out with my sister...Even though she can be a real pill, most of the time. And, of course, I am totally stoked. TOMORROW, SHE WILL BE GETTING THE BIRTHDAY BLANKET! I cannot wait to see her face, when she opens the gift. It will be classic.
In other news...
Yesterday, my mother and aunt left the house, to run a few errands. And, I took FULL advantage of the time. As soon as the car pulled out of the gate, I rushed to my room, and started work on my mom's afghan. In yesterday's post, I told you that I was going to be adding aran yarn, into the afghan.
Yesterday, I did so. And, just like I thought, it is FRIGGIN awesome. It goes perfectly. I worked 9 more rows, on this afghan, yesterday. I am now 24 rows in. And, I am truly DIGGING this project. 
Now, I know in yesterday's post, I told you all that I would keep the actual pattern name secret, until I was 50 rows in. Well, that isn't going to happen. At row 24, I am ABSOLUTELY  CERTAIN that this afghan is THE afghan. And so, here it is...The pattern name.
The final choice, for my mother's Christmas afghan, is (Drum roll, please)...
The Serape Afghan, designed by Geraldine Freedman, seen in the August 2011 edition, of Crochet World Magazine.
Now, on the trip to Barnes & Noble, a few days ago, I searched through quite a collection of crochet books, and magazines. As you all will remember me saying, this afghan has to be PERFECT, in every way possible. And, no pattern seemed 100% right. I had just about given up. I got myself a coffee, and sat at a table, with the current copy of Crochet World Magazine. And, I almost didn't look through it. What are the odds, I thought. I had looked through numerous books, magazines...even online. There was NOTHING. The chances that I would find the perfect pattern in this, the last magazine in front of me. Well...it was highly unlikely.
Or so I thought.
The sample in the magazine, is worked in bright colors. But, as soon as I saw the sample, I could INSTANTLY see this afghan worked, in my color scheme. 
Like I said, I am 24 rows in. There are a total of 207 rows, and then a border of 2 rounds. So, I have my work cut out for me. But, it is such an easy pattern, that I feel I will get through it relatively quick.
After reaching row 24, I tucked this project away, and switched gears to the Bliss Baby Blanket.
As of last night, I am just OVER half-way done, with the second panel. And, if I get to stay home today, I will devote my time, to working on it.
Well, that is it, for today...
Until tomorrow...
Happy Looming & Crocheting.

This morning...
I was awake, at just before 6am. Once again, my dog decided to use me, as a trampoline. It was either wake up, and stop the little punk, from repeatedly bouncing on my chest, or die from cracked ribs. (I swear...He is small in stature, but my dog is a friggin bowling ball. I just don't understand how something so tiny, could weigh so FRIGGIN much!) I climbed out of bed, and saw my dog HIGH-TAILING it, from one end of the room, to the other. I swear, at some point last night, somebody came into my room, and gave my dog speed.
Thankfully, my mother was already up, and coffee was waiting. I grabbed myself a cup, and made my way to the blue recliner.
Instead of watching TV, I decided to pull the Winter Jewels Afghan out, from the TV cabinet. I fanned it out, across my lap, and I got to work. I worked two rows, of cherry red, before tucking it away again.
This particular afghan...Well...
I just love it. I know I have said this before, too many times to count. But, there it is, once again.
And, as I worked on it this morning, I thought about something.
I am not a patient person. I never really have been. When I start something, I typically want to finish, NOW! When I want something, I want it right away. And yet, here I am. The whole 2 year experience of The Yarn Project aside. I am making afghans. HUGE afghans. They are taking quite a bit of time to make. And yet, I am not experiencing the typical impatient  'I NEED IT FINISHED RIGHT NOW' moment. This morning, I examined this, a little bit. And, I think I have come up with why I can work afghans, when I have NO PATIENCE at all.
When I started the Winter Jewels Afghan (or the Birthday Blanket...Or all of the attempts, at my mother's Christmas Afghan), I noticed I was only impatient, for the five rows, or so. But then, the afghan starts to take shape. I start to get an idea, of how it is going to look, when it is finished. And, I get excited. And, with each row that I finish, I get one step closer, to the end. The excitement builds, and builds. It threatens to burst out of me. And, with so much excitement, there is no room left, to be impatient.
Does that make sense?
Let's talk about yesterday.
First, I would like to talk about physical therapy.
I got there, feeling pretty good about myself. I was completely steady, and feeling awesome.
That didn't last too long.
Lisa and I went to go throw a ball. And, all started off great. I was throwing, and catching, catching, and throwing. And, I was completely steady. Until I was asked to start throwing, and catching, overhead. Of course, by this time I am feeling all high and mighty. And, as is typical when I start to feel this way, the universe completely bitch slapped me.
The first attempt at catching the ball overhead, and I went down. It was the first time I fell, while at physical therapy. And, for whatever reason, it was more embarrassing, than any fall I had taken before.(And, I am including the fall at the mall, where the punk teen laughed at me, and called me horrible names.) There was no laughing this time, but ALL AT ONCE, everybody rushed over to me. I didn't even have a chance, to get up, on my own. Seven people huddled around me, and picked me up, off of the floor. 
I swear, I felt like DYING! I instantly became a puddle of sweat, and felt like the biggest fool, in the world.
But, was one fall good enough? No way, Jose!
No more than 15 minutes later, I was climbing off of the bike. And, BOOM! Down I went again. WHAT THE HELL!!! Again, I was lifted off the ground, before I had a chance to pick myself up.
Why? Why was I falling NON-FRIGGIN-STOP, all of a sudden. It was like all the falls that I have avoided, were suddenly deciding to take over.
Then, there was a knowledge, that made the whole thing even worse. When someone falls during therapy, a paper must be written up, by everyone who witnessed it. Damn near every worker saw me, during both falls. The amount of paperwork that would need to be written, just because of me...Well, why not take all those words, and make a friggin novel.
Thankfully, the falls stopped. If I had fallen a third time, I really would have most likely DIED, from utter humiliation.
After physical therapy, I went to Michael's. My opinion...After the nightmare I had just endured, I NEEDED to get some yarn shopping done. Of course, I used an electric cart. (I was not even to attempt to walk,  in the store. No way, no how.)
I picked up three skeins of yarn, yesterday. More hunter green, and white, for the Winter Jewels Afghan, and then a skein of aran, which I will incorporate, into my Mother's Christmas Afghan. (I am only using the chocolate brown, in a very small amount. And, without the aran, this particular afghan would have been WAY TOO PINK!!! I think the aran will be PERFECT. It will play into the afghan beautifully. And, the variegated yarn, from Aunt B's blanket, has a shade, similar to aran. So, all is good.
I worked on my Mother's Christmas Afghan, for a while. I currently have 16 rows finished. And, I have decided that, when I complete row 50, I will give the actual name, of the afghan. By then, I will have enough done, that I will feel comfortable sharing it, with you.
After working on this project for a bit, it was time for me to take a bath.
After the bath (which worked absolute wonders on my knees, which were both in major pain, after the tumbles), I put on PJ's and made my way to the blue recliner. I spent the rest of the evening working on the Bliss Baby Blanket, trying my very hardest, to convince myself that I was having a total blast. And, I must say...changing my attitude towards this blanket, has helped a little. It is still not a total joy, to work on. (In fact, this one small blanket makes the hell of working the giant granny square sampler, in part one of this Project, seem like no big deal.) But, at least I am able to tolerate this project. So, that is good!
And, that was my day, yesterday.
As for today...
I am going to spend my day completely indoors, and try to stay off of my feet. I will get a sufficient amount of yarn time, and will work of quite a few different things, throughout the day. I will work on the Bliss Baby Blanket, the shawl for my aunt, my Mother's Christmas Afghan, and probably the Winter Jewels, a little bit more.
But first, there is school.
After concluding this post, I will have a quick breakfast, then make my way back to the computer, and take out the rest of this week's schoolwork.
And that is it.
Until tomorrow,
Happy looming and crocheting.

acrylic, caron, red heart, yarn, fiber

The Thursday Grind

Posted on 2011.08.04 at 09:37
An hour and a half ago, I sat down, in front of the computer.
I went to my student portal, to do my schoolwork, for this week. 3 discussions.
And, just like always, the interruptions started. I swear...WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MY FAMILY!?
First, it is the Aunt (who, by the way, I am still not entirely comfortable with.)
"What are you doing?"
This was almost ridiculous, because I had just told her that I was going to go do schoolwork. But, I answered, in an urgent, 'leave me alone' sort of tone. "School!"
Apparently that 'leave me alone' tone, was not as obvious as I had hoped it would be.
"Oh, I see. Hey, when your done..." Yammer, yammer, yammer. For fifteen friggin minutes, she went on. She was standing in the office, just going on, and on, and on.
Finally, she got the clue, that I wasn't going to converse. And, she went away.
I got through 2 discussions, and then, it was my mother's turn.
I told her I was doing schoolwork, and in return, I got that famous look, which seems to say: "I can't believe that damned computer is more important than me. You ass!"
Seriously...What the heck!?
Is it the TOP PRIORITY, of my family, to see to it that I FAIL at getting an education? Because, that is really what it seems like, to me.
Oh well...
Moving on.
Yesterday, after writing my post, I searched around, for a bit, online. I saw tons of nice afghans. But, there was not a single one, that would work, for my mother's Christmas Afghan.
Then, my mother told me she had to go out. PERFECT! I asked to be dropped off, at Barnes & Noble. And, I am happy to say that, while scanning through crochet magazines, I WAS FINALLY ABLE TO FIND THE PERFECT PATTERN!  This pattern is simple enough, that it should be able to be worked up quickly. But, there is enough variation in the stitches, that it looks more complex than it actually is. And, it is a pattern, that will lend itself PERFECTLY to the memory yarn, that I want to use.
I rushed home, and went into hiding, in my room. I hopped up on the bed, and I got started, on this afghan.
And, for the time being, that is all I will say, about this afghan. I do not want to jinx it, in any way. And, as I have already listed two patterns, which have both been abandoned, I will simply call this afghan Mom's Christmas Afghan, until it is completely FINISHED!
So, in other news...
I got a few more rows worked, on the Bliss Baby Blanket, yesterday. Not all that much actually. But, that is ok. I still have the rest of the month.
And, with this, I have to log off. My sweetie needs the computer. And, I am not ready to start arguing, so early in the morning.
So, until tomorrow...
Happy looming, and crocheting.

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