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The Yarn Project of Michael Leach

One Man, Two Years, Three Methods of Working With Yarn

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8 December
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One man. Two years. Three methods of working with yarn...
Numerous ways to screw it all up.

Why The Yarn Project?

My interest in The Yarn Project came about November 19, 2009, in a way that I still find to be a little strange. I was in the hospital, recovering from a surgery that would allow me the opportunity to walk, after spending the past 7 years of my life in a wheelchair. (I will say here, that crocheted and knitted blankets have always fascinated me. But, I NEVER would have thought that I would have the desire to make them, myself.)
I was resting, when a volunteer to the hospital came into my room, with a crocheted blanket, folded over her arm. I don't know much else about the whole event (fully loaded on pain meds). All I remember is her draping this blanket over me, and telling me it was mine.
That one gesture meant so much to me. As I looked at the blanket, I knew...
I wanted to do this.
So here it is, months later. I am off the pain meds, and am now fully capable of doing this project...I think.

I have broken down the next two years into three 8 month intervals. During each 8 month segment, I will work with a different method, as seen here.

June 9, 2010-February 8, 2011: Crocheting
February 9, 2011-October 8, 2011: Loom Knitting
October 9, 2011-June 9, 2012: Knitting
Finishing: A Pilgrimage

The Books. The Crafts.

I Taught Myself Crochet, published 2008, by Wm. Wright Co.
*Learn: Single, Half Double, Double, Treble, Increasing & Decreasing, Joining Yarn & Changing Colors, Working In Rounds, Finishing Techniques, Guage, Tunisian, Cro-Hook, Broomstick Lace, Hairpin Lace
*Easy Crochet Bag, susan Shildmyer(Done)
*Cell Phone Case, Cari Clement(Done)
*Broomstick Lace Pillow, Cari Clement(Done)
*Wavy Baby Blanket, Kim Biddix (Done)
*Bright Night Wrap/Throw, Marilyn Losee (Done)
*Cro-Hook Cool Coasters, Cari Clement(Done)
*Girls Wrist Warmers, Marilyn Losee (Done)
99 Granny Squares To Chrochet
*Work 50 of the 99 squares. Then, make into a blanket. (Done)
*Shawl (my own design)(Done)
*Mystery Fair Project (my own design)(Done)
*Project from reader. Amigurumi Lion (Done)
(Successfully Completed The Crochet Section, of The Yarn Project!)

Loom Knitting Primer, by Isela Phelps, published 2007, by St. Martin's Press

Round Looms

* The E-Wrap Cast On (p 28) (DONE)
* The Single Stitch (p 29) (DONE)
* The Double Stitch (p 30) (DONE)
* The Half Stitch (p 30) (Done)
* Chunky Braid Stitch (p31)(Done)
* Gather Bind Off (p 32) (Done)
* Basic Bind Off (p 33) (Done)
* Yarn Over Bind Off (p 34) (Done)
* Weaving In The Tail Ends (p34) (Done)
* Simple Hat (p 38) (Done)
* Cable Cast On (p 39) (Done)
* Chain Cast On (p 40)(Done)
* Knit Stitch (P41)(Done)
* Purl Stitch (p 42)(Done)
* Creating Flat Panels (p 53) (Done)
* Rainbow Fish Pillow (p 62) (Done)
* Painting With Yarn (p 64) (Done)
* Winter Hat (p 66) (Done)
* Chunky Ribbed Socks (p 71)(Three Pairs)(2 Pair Done)
* Ribbed Leg Warmers (p 80) (Done)
* Bliss Baby Blanket (p 94)
* Fingerless Mitts (p 98) (Done)
* Old Glory Blanket (Provo Craft Website: http://provocraft.com/projects/projects.php?prdindex=kniftyknitter&dsp=project&idnum=41) (Done)
*Water Wave Shawl (http://provocraft.com/projects/projects.php?prdindex=kniftyknitter&dsp=project&idnum=10)(Done)

Long Looms

* Basic Cast On (p 109)
* Anchor Yarn (p 109) (Done)
* Basic Stockinette (p 110) (Done)
* Rib Stitch (p 110) (Done)
* Simple Stitch (p 111) (Done)
* Figure 8 Stitch (p 111) (Done)
* Power Pink Scarf (p 112) (Done)
* Increasing (p 114) (Done)
* Decreasing (p 115) (Done)
* Striped Scarf (p121) (Done)
* Yoga Mat Bag (p 128) (Done)
* Felted Handbag (p 132)(Done)
* Felted Laptop Cozy (p 134)

* Loom Knit Pattern, Chosen By Reader

I Taught Myself Knitting, published 2009 by Wm. Wright Co.
Learn: Casting On, Knit Stitch, Purl Stitch, Binding Off Stitches, Slip Stitch, Decreasing, Increasing And Yarn Over, Basic Pattern Stitches, Picking Up Dropped Stitches And Correcting Mistakes, Gauge, Cable Patterns, Continental Knitting, Knitting With 4 Needles And Circular Needles, Joining Yarn, Knitting With Colors, Finishing Techniques
*Knit Dish Cloths
*Boa Fur Stole & Cuffs
*Scarf Triangular Poncho
*Cool 'N Crazy Throw
*Cargo Pocket Dog Coat
*Super Scarf
*Project from reader.

Then, there is the matter, of saying good bye, to this Project. I imagine this will be rather hard. I will see this, I am sure, almost as a type of graduation. A transition, of some weird sort. And, I know I will want to celebrate it. I will want to do something magnificent.
And so, as of January 24, 2011, I have decided how I will end my time, with The Yarn Project.
I will end this Project, with a pilgrimage.
Darwin, Minnesota. That will be where I go. Why? I will go, to say farewell, to The Yarn Project. I will do so, by encountering the LARGEST ball of twine (built by one person), on record. (I know, there is a difference, in twine, and yarn. But, I still will be delighted, by this voyage. Here are the details.
This ball of twine wa built by Francis A. Johnson. It was started in March, of 1950. It measures over 12 feet, in diameter, and weighs 10,400 lbs.
As you all know, The Yarn Project will officially end, on June 9, 2012. This pilgrimage will come, months later. To be exact, the second week of August. I will be going, during the "Twine Ball Day" celebration.
All I can say, is this. I really cannot wait to see this ENORMOUS ball, of string!

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